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Mini Meat Loaves - Squash Casserole - Gr

We are pleased to offer our prepared meals service. This service is here to help you save some time - we aim to satisfy the soul with home-cooked meals by creating an easier lifestyle for busy families. Let us plan and prepare your meals for the week.
Menus will be posted on Monday's starting September 7th.  All orders placed from Sunday – Tuesday will be available for pick-up or delivery on Friday's.  All orders placed from Wednesday – Saturday will be available for pick-up or delivery on Tuesday's.  Delivery times will be provided the day before and will incur a delivery fee. Fees will be based on your location. 

All orders will require a minimum of 4 meals.

Salad Skewers.jpg


I ordered the prepared meals during the week of my wedding and it was truly a load lifted!  The meals were not only delicious, they were also balanced, well prepared  and the portions were healthy! If you are having a busy week or simply want a break from cooking, order All About the Minis! 

JaVonda Lightner

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